Hi, welcome to Cait’s Way.  I’m originally from Florida and somehow found myself living in Utah.  I’m simply an average girl living an above average life with my handsome fiance.  I enjoy cooking healthy meals, crafting, DIY on a budget, and event planning.

You can also check me out on Instagram for my super awesome iPhone6 photography skills or on Facebook for weekly recipes and such.


  • Recipes: I am no professional but my love for cooking and trying different dishes will hopefully inspire you to become a creative kitchen hog.
  • DIY: Organizational projects and home makeovers. I’ll show you how I do all these projects on a super tight budget.
  • Get Crafty: Everything from wood decor to Holiday cards, I’ll help your creative juices start flowing.
  • Healthy Living Tips: These are tips for the everyday person just trying to get or stay fit. These are only suggestions but are helpful for someone that is in search for a new exercise or a bit gym shy or may need some encouragement to live a healthier lifestyle.
  • Events: I have worked both as a corporate event planner and a wedding planner’s assistant. I love every aspect of planning an event for someone else. But to be honest, I love planning my own parties best! Again, all these events are done on a tight budget but worth every cent to create an awesome theme!

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