Monday Blues

“Oh my gosh, it’s Monday!  I’ve been waiting for this day all weekend.  So excited!!”
-said no one EVER.

Here are some tips to help you get through some Monday Blues.

1. Meal prep your breakfast the night before.  I use Herbalife meal replacement for my breakfasts.  So the night before I meal prep my powder(s) into a snack size baggie.  That way when I wake up on  Monday morning and can’t help but hit snooze 1 (or 6) times, I have piece of mind that all I have to do is throw my meal replacement in the blender and go!


2. Put your gym clothes in the car… in the front seat… so that you don’t have any excuse to go home after work and plop on the couch and somehow forget all about the gym!  Having a visual for me is huge and having my clothes right there staring at me in the face helps me remember it’s worth it and my body will love me for hitting the gym.


3. Have your dinner planned out.  I am lucky enough to use Pinterest during the day and I simply get an idea in my head and roll with it for dinner.  This (usually) prevents me from staring into the fridge wondering what I should eat.

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