Post Op: Day 6

Day 5 post op was awful & last night being so scary. Ford had another episode of convulsing in pain and projectile vomiting. He couldn’t hold down any liquids by mouth – everything had to go through his IV. His oxygen & heart rate kept plummeting. His nurse worked fast & diligently to get him back to base line. I sobbed and was terrified that I was losing my son. I selfishly asked God why he would give me something I so obviously couldn’t handle. I was breaking.

And then our prayers were answered! Ford’s surgeon came to see us this morning and believes Ford has chemical meningitis. Chemical meningitis can occur when a small amount of blood gets into the spinal fluid during surgery. His team of doctors have begun treatment for this and the results are astounding! He is tolerating fluids by mouth & getting his appetite back. His cheeks are rosy & the sass is strong. He laughed for us today & was awake for longer periods of time! He is still in observation but we all think he’s on the road to recovery.

Each mountain Ford is given, he moves it. ❤️