Guest Bathroom Makeover: Painting

All of Josh’s bachelor pad bathrooms were painted a poop green color.  I’m not sure if the idea was to remind you to poop or if someone just really, really liked that color but I wasn’t going to stand for it!  Also, all of Josh’s bathrooms are on the small side.  So my first thought was, the bathroom colors need to be bright to open up the space.

See ya’ll, I wasn’t kidding about the color!

Guest Bathroom Before Paint



Paint 1




As you will notice, I am a lazy painter and don’t like to prime and then paint.  So instead I always go with Behr Paint & Primer.  I went with a pure white and painted the entire bathroom and ceiling to give it a nice open feel.

*Before Painting, I took down the dated mirror, all of the towel & toilet paper holders, and patched any holes.

I’m going to say that the walls look a TON better! – this was mid painting.

After Paint


Next on the to-do list, let paint dry and add decor….