Guest Bathroom Makeover: Decor

This is my favorite part of a make over!!!  The decor!  I love searching for good deals and pulling all my finds together to make a beautiful room.  I got lucky and ended up finding all my finds at TJMaxx and spent a total of $55 for the entire bathroom decor.

Once the paint had fully dried and the bathtub was finally done, I wanted to tackle that old and out dated mirror.  I don’t really like medicine cabinet mirrors as they tend to store junk.  We are lucky enough to have a small closet outside the bathroom that we use as a medicine cabinet and towel holder.  Therefore, I opted for a statement mirror ($24 at TJMaxx).

Mirror before & after

Then came the hard yet fun part of finding a rug, towels, and accents to pull the whole bathroom together.  I wanted to go with a navy blue to add something pretty against the stark white walls.  Here’s what I found all for under $30.