Transformation Tuesday: Gallery Wall

Josh’s home has a large, “Plain Jane” wall leading upstairs.  One day I decided I couldn’t take the “Plain Jane” wall anymore and decided to make a Gallery Wall.  Lucky for me I already had a ridiculous amount of black picture frames from when I moved from my apartment to his house.

**TIP: DO NOT pay full price for frames.  Try places like TJMaxx, Marshalls, or better yet Ross.  Frames that I would have easily paid $20-30 dollars for, I paid $6-$12 at the above mentioned stores.  Also, the Dollar Store sells picture frames that are easy to spray paint to the desired color.

Before.  There are few patched holes that I simply covered with picture frames… Sometimes I’m cheap but clever.  🙂


All I needed to do was print out some pictures.  I used Walgreen’s as I always tend to find a pretty good coupons for 1 hour photos.  And I also wanted to add a few quotes and a monogram letter.

There are a LOT of ways you can do a Gallery Wall.  You can make it super symmetrical, use different colors and sizes of frames, maybe don’t use frames at all.  I preferred my frames at different measurements, no exact formula, and different sizes of frames.  This made for easy hanging as I didn’t measure any type of space between frames.

**TIP: There are a lot of templates online or at stores to help create perfect spacing in between pictures.  I’ve found templates on Pinterest, Michael’s, & Hobby Lobby.**

After.  This little Gallery Wall added just the right amount of decoration.  Since this picture was taken, we’ve added a few more pictures.  Once you have the hang of it, the possibilities are endless.