Transformation Tuesday: 1960’s Dresser

I moved into my Fiance’s home and he had a lot of hand me down furniture.  And I was like “We are soooo buying new furniture” in my bratty voice.  And then I actually looked at the prices of new furniture and I was like “We are soooo NOT buying new furniture” in my OOPS I was wrong voice.  Instead, I decided to revamp some of his old pieces to match my current pieces.  I went for a beach theme in our bedroom as the Florida girl in me feels most at peace at the beach.

From Drab to Fab!Dresser Makeover

I’m admitting now that I’m not a professional DIY-er.  And honestly I kind of just do my own thing and see how it goes.  Luckily this dresser turned out stylish and super functional.  It’s made a great piece in our bedroom.

How I updated this 1960’s Dresser:

  1. Sand the crap out of the entire thing (legs, drawers, etc)
  2. Painted with a flat Beyer Paint & Primer.  I only did one coat, but touched up spots that needed a little more love
  3. Let dry for 24 hours +
  4. Add new hardware if desired.  I got the new knobs at Home Depot for like $1.20/piece
  5. Put your stuff in it and admire your work!