Create Your Own Monogram Letter






In my DIY Gallery Wall blog, I talked about added a monogram letter.  Monogram letters can be really pricey so I decided to craft one up for my gallery wall.  Here in Utah, we have this cool store, The Wood Connection.  They sell all different heights, sizes, etc. of wood monogram letters.  Recently I’ve also found wood monogram letters at Target or Michael’s.  Below are the instruction on how to make an affordable, cute monogram letter for any occasion.







  • Monogram Letter (Pictured below: Target, $3)
  • High Gloss Craft Paint (I used Martha Stewart)
  • Thick Scrapbook Paper – Color / Pattern of your choice
  • Permanent Glue Runner or Glue Dots (this makes your life easy!)
  • Heavy Duty Detail Knife (I have a set of these I found at Ross for a steal, but here is a Fiskars Brand)

Let’s Craft!

  • Paint your monogram letter, completely.  I usually do 2-3 coats.
  • Let dry completely.
  • Use Glue Dots / Glue runner on the front of your monogram letter.
  • Stick thick scrapbook paper to the letter. Press down so that it adheres
  • Use your detail knife to cut around the edges.


  • You can trace your monogram letter out on paper, then cut out and adhere if that is easier for you.
  • Use a small ink pad to give the edges of paper some color.
  • Add a small wall hanger on the back to hang on the wall or use command strips if you can’t nail into your wall.