Ford’s 1st Trimester

To give you a bit of a backstory, I went my entire life never expecting to have children.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE kids, but I just never really imagined myself being selfless enough to raise a child of my own.  Skip forward to meeting the most perfect man for me, my husband.  I had NEVER felt so secure, safe, and in love in my entire life.  With him, I knew I could accomplish anything – even becoming a mother.  🙂  Josh & I married in February 2017 and by October 2017, I was getting test after test done to figure out why we couldn’t conceive.  In November 2017, I was told that I would need IVF treatments in order to conceive.  Financially & emotionally, I just couldn’t bring myself to put us through that.  By December 2017 we had both come to terms with the fact that we just wouldn’t be parents.

Most of January 2018 I just felt off.  But I refused to put myself through the disappointment of peeing on yet another pregnancy test with a negative result.  But, for some reason, on January 22nd I decided to just take a test because I had been feeling so sick and I couldn’t figure out why.  Ya’ll know that story – it was positive and I was shocked, excited, and confused.

The first trimester was sooo uncomfortable.  I had ALL day morning sickness – like seriously, all freaking day.  My sense of smell was so intense that I could smell everything, which in turn made me nauseated or throw up.  Ginger Ale was my only friend. lol.  I love anything and everything salty but baby wasn’t havin’ it.  Baby craved fruit and sweets from day one.  I couldn’t get enough watermelon or cantaloupe and cookies or cake.  Such a strange craving for me.   Oh man was I tired; mid day naps became a must.  To say I wasn’t myself would be a huge understatement.  I went weeks, even months without socializing or seeing some of my best friends.  My favorite comment during the 1st trimester was “Pregnancy is weird”.

I kept hearing that the 2nd trimester I’d get this huge boost of energy and that most women stop having morning sickness.  Ya’ll, I was counting down the days! 😉