Healthy Fried Rice

Homemade fried rice is both easy and delicious.  As I’m always trying to watch my waist line I made my fried rice with as many healthy ingredients as possible and keep the sodium WAY down by using as little as possible soy sauce.  This yummy recipe is boyfriend and kid approved!  Hope you and your family enjoy it too!

Grocery List: $10
1 Egg
Minute Rice
Frozen or Fresh Veggies (This time I used broccoli, corn, onions, peas, and green beans)
Soy Sauce

Let’s Cook!
1. Cook Minute Rice
Tip: Making homemade rice is obviously amazing – but I seem to burn rice every time I make it. Minute rice keeps my pans in shape and the smell of burning out of my house. Feel free to use any variation you prefer!
2. Pan fry 1 egg
3. While rice & egg are cooking, combine all veggies in a large frying pan to cook.
Tip: I use frozen veggies so they take a bit longer to defrost and pan fry. I use a splash of olive oil to keep them moist and cover with a lid to cook faster.
4. Once Egg is all good and cooked through, add to veggies and mix together.
5. Add a splash or two of soy sauce to the veggies and egg
6. Add rice.
Tip: You can simply add rice to the pan with veggies & egg to get all of it mixed together really nicely. Or you can put rice in a dish and serve veggies on top. Either way, you’ve got yourself some yummy fried rice!
7. Enjoy!

Mid Cooking



Plated & Ready to Eat!



Josh & I paired our fried rice with Elk Steaks.

Josh likes his elk steaks a bit rare (understatement of the year)…


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