Baked Taquitos

College Game Day was this past weekend and my husband made a HUGE amount of smoked pork. We always have a bunch of left overs and we never seem to use it all. I didn’t want to see it go to waste this year, so I got creative and made something I’d never made before; baked pulled pork taquitos. As always, these were easy to make, inexpensive, and the heat level is easy to control. Also, I’m sure you could substitute pork with chicken for a healthier option.

FYI: the pictures are pretty lame. At 9 months pregnant, I had no self control and dug in before I could style a good picture.  🙂

**I totally eye balled the ingredients but here is an estimate on portions. This made exactly 16 medium flour taquitos.**
3 Cups Pulled Pork
1 Package Medium Flour Tortillas (20 Pack)
6oz Cream Cheese (Room Temperature)
1/2 Bottle of Green Salsa Verde (Medium Heat)
Juice from 1 Lime
1 1/2 Cups Mexican Mix Cheese

Let’s Bake!
1. Pre-heat oven to 425 Degrees
2. Spray baking sheet with non stick spray
3. Mix pork, cream cheese, salsa, juice, and cheese together in a bowl
4. Place mixture at one end of tortilla and roll up – Place tortilla in baking sheet seam down
5. Spray top of taquiots with non stick spray and sprinkle with salt
6. Bake taquiots for about 15 -20 minutes – these brown up really quickly so keep an eye on them
**These are super tasty by themselves or with a dipping sauce of red salsa and/or sour cream

Freezer Option
1. Let taquitos completely cool
2. Wrap individually in wax paper and place in freezer gallon sized bag
3. When you are ready to eat, remove the amount of taquitos you prefer and either microwave or re-heat in oven