Post Op: Night 1

For all the worry I had about Ford’s surgery I never prepared myself for recovery and what that might entail.

We were taken to the recovery room to meet Ford as he woke from surgery. As the door opened, I could here a baby crying hard & loud. I knew right away is was my baby. It was my Ford. They asked me to swoop in and hold him. I was extremely overcome with emotion as I held my sweet baby; he was ghostly pale, crying from so much pain, stitches in a spot that once had hair, and he was vomiting so much. We stayed in recovery for about 45 minutes before being wheeled into the room we will stay for the next few days.

The hours to come were/are excruciating for me. To see my baby so pale. To see him projectile vomiting for hours on end. To see his limp body struggle to make sense of what is happening to him. And to see him convulse in pain, only to be able to hold his hand and tell him help is on the way. His oxygen levels continue to drop. We’ve had to change his pain medication plan 3 times to get his pain under control.

I was not prepared for this. Idk what I thought recovery would be like, but I never thought this. Praying his body is able to continue to fight and that this surgery works so that he doesn’t have to go through another.