Post Op: Night 2

Yesterday, during the day, Ford seemed to be improving! He was tolerating Pedialite by mouth and even got down 4oz of formula by evening time. Pain seemed manageable. We were discharged around 6:30pm on Saturday, August 17th.

We were home & working on getting Ford some pain meds down when everything flipped upside down again. He began vomiting (a lot and frequently). He was unable to keep anything down at all – including pain meds. I spoke to the neurosurgeon on call and she said if he couldn’t tolerate water to bring him right in. I gave him 1oz of water and he projectile vomited almost immediately.

We’ve been at Primary Children’s ER since this morning. He’s had labs, a new IV (after 3 failed attempts), and x-rays done. We don’t have any answers yet but one of the doctors believes his intestines might not be working properly which can happen after a big surgery. He will most likely be admitted for observation but we just don’t have any answers yet.

Watching the life drain from Ford (again) is heartbreaking. Not being able to comfort my baby or fix the problem is gut wrenching. I’ve never felt so helpless as I have during this experience.

**We also saw his incision for the first time today. It’s bigger than I had imagined.**